Terrafugia pre-sales start this month

Pre-orders for the Terrafugia Transition will start this month.

According to China’s official news service Xinhuanet the company’s CEO Chris Jaran announced that pre-sales will be going up in October and aircraft delivered in 2019. Terrafugia was acquired by Chinese auto group Zhejiang Geely in November 2017.

The Transition is fully-certified both for road use and flight in the United States. The aptly named aircraft will be able to transition between flight and driving modes within a minute.

Whilst pre-orders will be starting this month, the price of the aircraft has yet to be announced.

Early specs of the Transition show flight speeds of 100mph with an in-built boost mode. The aircraft’s expected range is around 400 miles.

Other similar VTOL/STOL projects are seeking the experimental-aircraft certification which requires a lengthy testing process. Terrafugia managed to bypass this by designing the aircraft in accordance to the FAA’s ‘light sport aircraft’ certification.


We can also expect more details on the upcoming Terrafugia TF-2 this month. The TF-2 is targeting the urban air-transport market – with a four-seat configuration and a detachable pod system in which an electric truck will drive the passenger pod to the aircraft and attach it in under two minutes.

Similar to the Transition, the TF-2 will be a piloted hybrid electric aircraft and will be able to utilise all-electric propulsion and autonomous systems when the technology matures.