Kitty Hawk partners with Air New Zealand


Kitty Hawk has signed an agreement Air New Zealand to operate the Cora aircraft on air taxi routes across the country.

The US start-up moved a large portion of its operations to New Zealand six months ago when it partnered with Zephyr Airworks. The partnership was working to test and certify the aircraft for commercial flight.

Cora is the first aircraft that Kitty Hawk unveiled. The project came out of stealth at the beginning of this year and Kitty Hawk has since also revealed the Flyer – a fully-electric VTOL aircraft for personal flight.

Now Kitty Hawk and Zephyr Airworks have signed an agreement with Air New Zealand to fly the Kitty Hawk Cora on air taxi services across the country The announcement did not specify when they expect the service to launch.

According to the announcement, Kitty Hawk has conducted seven hundred flight tests globally.

The blog post shows off a new Cora livery. Cora reg. N303XZ features a full-yellow livery similar to Air New Zealand’s old commercial aircraft livery.

A spokesperson for Kitty Hawk said: “Our time in New Zealand has also empowered many other important milestones. We have achieved seven hundred flight tests globally –– a major step forward toward ensuring Cora is one of the most reliable and advanced aircraft ever to take to the sky.”

The company also announced the opening of a new a hangar in New Zealand. This will serve as the first base of operations for the aircraft.