Luxaviation and Flugauto set up joint VTOL services project


Luxaviation Group has signed an MoU with autonomous VTOL start-up Flugauto to provide operation and maintenance services to the upcoming VTOL market.

Luxaviation’s has experience as an operator and services provider across the private-jet and helicopter market and hopes to transfer this experience to the emerging VTOL market.

Flugauto is an aspiring VTOL operator based in Dubai. The company is looking to provide VTOL cargo transport services across the region. It also has a patent-pending autonomous VTOL aircraft that promises zero-emissions cargo transport.

The joint venture will work together on developing operational and maintenance services for autonomous VTOLs. It will also be providing regulation, safety management and training services to the VTOL sector.

Frank Noppel, CEO of Flugauto said: “We are excited here at Flugauto to partner with Luxaviation, with their tremendous regulatory and operational experience, to bring our innovative VTOL technology to the European markets and disrupt the global logistics space”.

Luxaviation has gained experience in the autonomous sector already, having already provided UAV services in South Africa with its subsidiary ExecuJet.

Luxaviation at Revolution.Aero

This announcement comes alongside Luxaviation’s presentation at the first official Revolution.Aero conference in San Francisco last week. Patrick Hansen, CEO of Luxaviation joined a panel along with representatives from GoFly, Jet Aviation and the Vertical Flight Society to discuss the next tenyears in the aviation space.

On the ‘Aviation Revolution’ panel at Revolution.Aero, Mr Hansen said: “The VTOL business, which is changing the way we perceive logistics, mobility in general and specifically aviation is technically advanced in hardware manufacturing and the development of applications, but the industry lacks knowledge and experience of regulations, pilot training and safety quality management.

“With our unmatched global experience, Luxaviation Group can close this loophole with certified services, enabling Flugauto and the VTOL industry in particular to provide a seamless and state-of-the-art service offer.”

VTOLs were a hot-topic of discussion on the panel. Whilst many of the companies were looking at the VTOL market with interest, the speakers and delegates alike were realistic about the barriers in the way of VTOLs.

Regulatory compliance was highlighted by the panel and delegates as one of the biggest challenges facing the VTOL market. 33% of delegates considered regulatory compliance to be the biggest challenge to eVTOL.