Workhorse secures $2 million SureFly order


Workhorse has secured a $2 million Surefly deal with upcoming air-taxi operator Quantam XYZ.

Whilst the number of aircraft purchased has not been disclosed, early models of the SureFly are currently available for purchase for approximately $200,000.

Quantam XYZ is a Los Angeles-based operator that plans to use the SureFly to become the city’s first VTOL air taxi service. The operator is working towards FAA certification to allow it to operate the SureFly in Los Angeles airspace.

Tony Thompson, president of Quantum XYZ said: "The SureFly is an American-made eVTOL currently pursuing FAA Type Certification with a smart design that emphasizes safety, all of which is important to us.

"Quantum XYZ plans to submit its application to become an FAA-certified Urban VTOL air carrier. Once SureFly receives FAA Type Certification we feel that, together, Quantum and SureFly will be in a position to bring the first urban VTOL air service to market."

Back in June, the SureFly became the first VTOL to enter FAA type certification. Workhorse is actively collaborating with other VTOL companies and with the FAA to get the vehicle certified for commercial flight operations.

Additionally, Workhorse is also seeking a buyer for the SureFly brand. The company struck a deal with investment bank B.Riley in September to source buyers for SureFly. When speaking to Stephen Burns at the Revolution.Aero in October, he remarked that he had seen interest from existing vehicle manufacturers looking to buy into the VTOL market.

Workhorse are looking to partner with the buyer of the SureFly to help bring the vehicle to market. When questioned on whether Workhorse always planned to sell SureFly, Burns said: “Workhorse is a public company and we see the eVTOL space as more of a venture capital thing than a Wall Street project as it is still in its infancy.”