Kitty Hawk reveals Flyer

Larry Page’s VTOL company, Kitty Hawk, has had a busy week. On top of raising $5 million capital for its new unmanned-aircraft traffic-management project, it has revealed a new personal eVTOL.

Flyer is the name of Kitty Hawk’s new all-electric eVTOL. Whilst the company’s other VTOL Cora, is targeting the air-taxi market, Flyer is a more-personal aircraft. The single-seat eVTOL is billing itself as an easy-to-control flying car.

The project is led by Sikrosky Todd Reichert, the winner of the company’s human powered helicopter competition, who designed a functional human-powered helicopter in 2012. The project is overseen by Sebastian Thrun, autonomous-vehicle entrepreneur and, now, CEO of Kitty Hawk.

The then-unnamed first Flyer prototype made headlines last year after a video was released of it flying over waters in North Carolina. Whilst Kitty Hawk has aspirations of creating personal air taxis fit for city transport. So far both versions of the Flyer have demonstrated the ability to fly over water.

This latest Flyer version is operated entirely by a single joystick and requires no pilot’s licence to fly. The aircraft utilises data from on-board sensors to help stabilise the aircraft during flight. It can fly between three and ten feet off water and can fly for up to 20 minutes over a range of 20 miles between battery charges.

Kitty Hawk released a teaser video of the aircraft on it's YouTube channel.