OPENER reveals Blackfly eVTOL

UAV manufacturer OPENER has revealed a fixed-wing eVTOL named Blackfly.

The single-seater eVTOL’s development has been under wraps for nine years according to the OPENER team. The aircraft was apparently one of the first eVTOLs to fly, having taken its first test flight in October 2011, a good two years before Volocopter’s first flight.

Since then, Blackfly has reportedly racked up more than 10,000 flight hours and taken more than 1,000 test flights.

The Blackfly’s early specs indicate a maximum range of 25 miles at a speed of 62 miles per hour – limited compared to many of the early specs we have seen from other eVTOL aircraft – but the aircraft will not require FAA certification to fly. However, those looking to fly the aircraft will need to complete the FAA private-pilot examination and will need to be familiar with the vehicle before flying.

Marcus Leng, CEO of OPENER said: “OPENER is re-energizing the art of flight with a safe and affordable flying vehicle that can free its operators from the everyday restrictions of ground transportation. We will offer competitive pricing in an endeavor to democratize three-dimensional personal transportation. Safety has been our primary driving goal in the development of this new technology.

“OPENER will be introducing this innovation in a controlled and responsible manner.  Even though not required by FAA regulations, BlackFly operators will be required to successfully complete the FAA Private Pilot written examination and also complete company-mandated vehicle familiarization and operator training.”

On the technical side, one of Blackfly’s unique feature is its fast charging. The manufacturer claims that the aircraft’s battery can be fully charged in less than 30 minutes. Whilst not fully-autonomous, the Blackfly has a return-to-home feature where the pilot will be able to send the aircraft back to its take-off location.

Darren Pleasance, EAA board of directors said: "I just saw the future. Watching BlackFly take flight just blew me away.  I've never seen anything like it. The magnitude of innovation that OPENER has been driving in electric motors, aerodynamics, and VTOL operations is stunning and inspiring. OPENER has made a huge step forward in bringing the Jetson's world to life."