Xwing reveals project and funding details

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After two years of silence, San-Francisco based autonomous aviation start-up Xwing has revealed details on its operations and funding.

The company’s founder and CEO Marc Piette made an introductory blog post on Tuesday announcing that Xwing is working on a suite of technologies to enable pilotless flight on existing small passenger aircraft.

Piette set up the company in 2016 and has secured $4 million in funding from backers such as New York tech investor Eniac Solutions, which led the round, and big-name companies including GitHub and Microsoft.

Mr Piette said: “Aviation is currently undergoing what will be a seismic shift. In the not-so-distant future, technology will dramatically change the way people and goods move and transform transportation as a whole.

“Xwing has brought together experts in optionally-piloted vehicles, unmanned systems, and certified avionics, to develop key autonomous flight technology and accelerate this change.”

Xwing’s focus will be building a technology suite to enable fully-autonomous flight on smaller, cost-effective passenger aircraft. This will include the designing of sensing, reasoning and control software necessary for fully-autonomous flight.

The company also gave details on its Autonomy Flight Management System (AFMS) which enables the aircraft to learn and act from its surroundings. Xwing says that the system will be able to generate and alter flight paths to navigate the airspace as well as to monitor system health and ensure passenger safety.

Vic Singh, founding general partner, Eniac Ventures said: “The coming wave of eVTOLs coupled with the high-cost structure of the commercial aviation industry makes the timing perfect for autonomy. We are excited to support Marc and Xwing. We believe they are the best, most experienced team and have built the leading technology platform to make intelligent autonomous aviation a reality.”