Astro Aerospace starts test-flights in Canada


Texas-headquartered Astro Aerospace has been granted a special flight operations certificate (SFOC) by Transport Canada to conduct test-flights of its autonomous eVTOL in Canadian aerospace.

The passenger drone codenamed ‘Elroy’, is a two-seater multicopter capable of fully-autonomous flight. The aircraft is targeting the urban air-transport market, with a top speed of 70km/h and a flight time of 25 minutes.

Astro Aerospace’s CEO Bruce Bent said: "Achieving flight approval status through Transport Canada is another step in the right direction for Astro and we are both grateful and appreciative to have been recognized as a valued developer of UAV aircraft and look forward to continued work with Transport Canada in this exciting new category."

Following this certification, the aircraft has started test flights at Toronto Markham Airport (CNU8). So far it has performed multiple flight manoeuvres, take-offs and landings and avionics testing.

Astro entered the VTOL field in May this year when it purchased VTOL manufacturer Passenger Drone for an undisclosed sum. The project was well underway at the time of purchase, but Astro has remained quiet since it bought its way into the VTOL space.

Since buying the company, Astro also acquired Kasaero GmbH – an independent German R&D company specialising in lightweight composite aircraft.


Empty Weight: 240kg

Max Take-Off Weight: 360kg

Max Thrust: 560kg

Max Speed: 70km/h

Flight Time: 20-25min

Max Payload: 120kg