Jetoptera partners with GE to demo fluidic propulsion system

GE H Series EEPC engine model EEC front.png

Washington based start-up Jetoptera has chosen the GE H-Series turboprop engine to power the unique, patented fluidic propulsion system for its upcoming VTOL aircraft range.

Jetoptera announced earlier this month that it was starting its VTOL testing campaign – which will see each individual component of the aircraft tested in the lead up to the development of a full-scale production VTOL model.

GE’s generator will power Jetoptera’s fluidic propulsion system that uses pressurised fluid to produce thrust and drive the turbines.

Michele D`Ercole, president and managing executive of GE Aviation Czech, business and general aviation turboprops said: “This is a unique opportunity for GE to participate in the burgeoning development of the urban air mobility, while still infusing new technologies on our H-Series workhorse."

Jetoptera completed its first round of fluidic propulsion tests to judge the viability of the system in July this year. Early in September, Jetoptera announced that it was starting the full test campaign of the fluid propulsion system on a test aircraft of more than 50kg.

The GE system will be used to power demo models of Jetoptera’s VTOL and STOL line up before being fitted to full-scale prototypes for final testing.

Denis Dancanet, Jetoptera CEO said: “We are excited to join forces with GE Aviation, the world’s leading producer of aircraft engines, to develop optimized versions of gas generators for our Fluidic Propulsion System,” They will be used to power mid-size to larger aircraft in our product lineup.”